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                  Badly Drawn Movies v1.5.0

                  • 类型:小游戏
                  • 语言:英语
                  • 大?。?span>34.2 MB
                  • 更新:2015-04-15 14:29:15


                  Sharpy the narwhal is at it again. He has taken his love of drawing and his passion for movies to new heights in this new game from Sporcle.

                  Badly Drawn Movies is the followup to the wildly popular game Badly Drawn Faces. Guess the movies drawn by Sharpy and earn points, fish, and the love and admiration of your friends.

                  Feeling stuck? Feed Sharpy some fish and he will give you a clue, feed him even more fish and he will just tell you the answer; or ask your friends for help on Facebook and Twitter. Points are achieved for guessing the movies correctly and bonus points are given if you can do it before the movie is done being drawn.

                  Compare your scores on Game Center and remember, it is hard to draw with fins so if The Matrix looks a little too much like Tootsie, don't blame Sharpy.

                  And of course, Badly Drawn Movies is enhanced for iPhone 5.

                  HUNDREDS OF MOVIE SCENES

                  Comedies, drama, musicals, you name it - Sharpy has drawn it.


                  Use fish to feed Sharpy and get helpful clues and hints. Completely flummoxed? Feed him even more fish and he will just give you the answer outright.

                  SECOND SCENE

                  Why guess just one movie scene when you can guess another scene from the same movie?

                  ASK YOUR FRIENDS FOR HELP

                  You are not in this alone? Ask your friends for help via Facebook and Twitter. Everybody knows that Badly drawn movies are better shared with the people you love.


                  Badly Drawn Faces

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                  • Badly Drawn Movies
                  • Badly Drawn Movies
                  • Badly Drawn Movies
                  • Badly Drawn Movies
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